Tourism Economics and Policy, 2011

The book includes 2chapters:

Chapter 1. Tourism Economics (Impact of Tourism on the World Economics, Economic Relations in Tourism Sectors , Tourist Motivation and Peculiarities of the Tourist Market, as that of a Service Market, Demand for Tourist Products, Supply of a Tourist Product and Price Mechanism, Kinds of Economic Impact of Tourism, Tourism Satellite Accounts, TSA);

Chapter 2. Tourism Policy and Legislative Base (Planning and Sustainable Development Policy of Tourism, International and State Policy of Tourism, Legislative Base, State Policy and Developmental Perspectives of Tourism in Georgia (Trends of Tourism Development, State Policy and Legislative Base of Tourism, Identifying the Role of Tourism in the Economics of the Country and Empirical Data, Opportunities to Develop Tourism in Georgia, Tourism Policy and Strategic Trends to Develop Tourism in Georgia (Recommendations)), The Role of Government and Legislative Base on the Example of the UK, International Policy of Protection of Cultural Heritage, Protection of the Rights of Tourist Products and Service users in EU Countries.

The book also contains Annexes: Charter of Tourism, Global Code of Tourism Ethics, Hague Declaration on Tourism, Manila Declaration on World Tourism, International Hotel Convention National Tourist Organizations in World Countries, International Currencies, International Airports Codes, Airline Codes, Countries with Bilateral Agreements with Georgia about a Visa-free Travel for Diplomatic, Service or Special Passport Holders, Number of Tourists in Georgia from Different Countries (in 2000-2010), Legislative Acts on Tourism, International Tourism Acts, Info-tours for Foreign Media Representatives (2010), Major Environmental Conventions and Protocols, to which Georgia is a Party, English-Georgian Explanatory Dictionary of Tourism Terms.

Editorial Board:

Mikhail Jibuti – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Irina Gogorishvili – Doctor of Economics, Professor
David Onoprishvili – Doctor of Economics
Mari Tsereteli – Doctor of philology, Professor
Nazira Kakulia – Doctor of Economics, Professor

Photos – Avtandil Metreveli
Translation – Eka Kikvadze

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