Environment and Ecotourism Management, 2012

The book includes 5 chapters:

Chapter I. Natural Resources, Protected Areas (Biodiversity, Georgian Natural Resources and Biodiversity, Biodiversity Protection (“Red Book”), Georgian Protected Areas Categories, Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage of Georgian Protected Areas);

Chapter II. Environmental Policy (The World’s Global Environmental Problems, International Policy of Environmental Protection, Georgian Environmental Policy);

Chapter III. The Principles and Features of Nature Management in Tourism (Tourism development History from Travel to Ecotourism, Nature management in tourism, The Principles of Sustainable Development, Sustainable Tourism Development Concept, Impact of Tourism on the Environment and its Consequences, Ecotourism – Environmental Alternatives, Conductivity Potential and its Regulation, National Park -Ecotourism General destination, Main Directions of Ecotourism);

Chapter IV. Ecotourism Management, Marketing and Economics (Ecotourism Management, Eco–tourism Marketing, Tourism Economics in the Protected Areas, Role of local Population, Government and Private Sec tor in the Development of Ecotourism in the Region);

Chapter V. Service Management and Minimization of Environmental Pollution in Ecotourism (Eco–tourists’ Accommodation and Management, Security of Tourists during Travel, Eco-tourism Service Quality Management, Technologies to Reduce Environmental Pollution in Ecotourism, Ecotourism as an Environmental Education Component)

The book also contains Annexes: (The Convention on Biological Diversity (extract), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (extract), Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, Low of Georgia About Environment Protection, Low of Georgia About the System of Protected Areas, Georgian Religious Relics, The Natural Monuments (Caves) of Georgia, English-Georgian Explanatory Dictionary of Tourism Terms).


Editorial Board:

Gia Qajaia – Doctor of Biology, Professor
Rusudan Kutateladze – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Mari Tsereteli – Doctor of Philology, Professor
Ramaz Gokhelashvili – Expert of Biodiversity and Protected Areas

Photos – Avtandil Metreveli
Translation – Eka Kikvadze


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