IV International Scientific Conference of Faculty of Business Technologies of Georgian Technical University "Globalization and Modern Business Challenges", Tbilisi, Georgia
11th International Tourism Congress “The Image and Sustainability of Tourism Destinations”, Madeira, Portugal, 2019
Supporting business development in Georgian tourism sector through increasing the competence of strategic planning of international fairs, ExpoGeorgia and International Chamber of Commerce ICC Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia, 2018-2019
5th European Ecotorueism Conference “European Ecotourism Network Common attitude towards Sustainable tourism”, Georgian Ecotourism Assosiation, GTNA, Global Ecotourism Network, GIZ, WWF, Tbilisi
World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics, WOSC-2017 Congress “Science with and for Society: Contributions of Cybernetics and Systems”, University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy, 2017

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