Tourism and Hospitality (Principles) (2008, 2011, 2017)

The book describes the historical stages of development of tourism and hospitality; essence and terms of tourism; principal types and trends of tourism; tourism motivation; touristic resources and infrastructure; tourism and hospitality industry: accommodation, means of transportation and transfers, attractions and animation; tour operation; advertisement and promotion; informational technologies; state regulation of tourism; tourism and legislation; economy of tourism; demand and supply of tourism market; role of tourism in the world countries’ economy; economic indices of the touristic regions of the world; tourism and environmental management; international tourism organizations; training professional staff in economy and hospitality; touristic resources of Georgia; the present-day situation and prospects for development.

The book also gives control questions and practical assignments; web-sites and reference of additional information; annexes of: universally accepted abbreviations, international public holidays; international religious holidays (twelve Great feasts in the Eastern Orthodox Church); national holidays; Orthodox religious holidays; world holidays, festivals and carnivals; world’s 50 popular attractions; religious sanctities of Georgia; religious buildings in Tbilisi; Georgian architectural monuments in different cities and regions of the country; Georgian resorts; natural monuments (caves) of Georgia; a list of world’s hotel networks; conventional signs (pictograms) of hotel services; standing international tourist exhibitions; a list of countries, with whom Georgia has bilateral diplomatic or official agreements or agreements on visa-free travel for special passport holders; cases.

The book is designated for tourism and hospitality specialists and as a basic specialty text-book for students of vocational schools and higher educational institutions.


Editorial board:

  1. Mari Tsereteli – Doctor of Philology, Professor
  2. Rusudan Chartolani – Doctor of Mathematics
  3. Avtandil Arabuli – Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
  4. Lali Mikeladze – Doctor of Business Administration, Associated Professor

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