The Tourism Business (Industry, Management, Marketing), 2011

The book includes 4 chapters:

Chapter 1. Tourism and Hospitality Industry (Tour Organization (Tour-operating), Means of Transportation, Accommodation, Attractions and Animation in Tourism);

Chapter 2. Tourism Management (Management of Tourism Organizations , Organizational Behavior in Tourism, Human Resource Management, Financial Management of Tourism, E-business Management of Tourism, Environmental Impact of Tourism and Environmental Management, Globalization of Economics and Integration Processes of the Management of Tourism Organizations, Tourism Safety, Peace, the Precondition for the Tourism Development);

Chapter 3. Tourism Marketing (Concept of Marketing in Tourism Industry, Relationship of Marketing with the Strategies to Develop the Organizational Competitive Advantage, Management of an Organization Brand in the Set of Marketing Measures in Tourism Industry, Principles to Create a Competitive Brand in Tourism Industry, Role of Branding in Promoting the Tourist Service and Competitiveness of an Organization, Distribution of Tourism, Marketing Management of a Tourist Enterprise);

Chapter 4. Tourist Resources of Georgia.

The book also contains Annexes: World Hotel Chains Popular World Attractions , Hotel Symbols (Pictograms), Regular International Tourist Exhibitions, Religious Monuments of Tbilisi, Religious Sanctities in Georgia, Monuments of Georgia in Georgian Cities and Regions, Georgian Health-resorts, Natural Monuments of Georgia (caves), Universal Tourism Abbreviations, English-Georgian Explanatory Dictionary of Tourism Terms.

Editorial Board:

Mikhail Jibuti – Doctor of Economics, Professor
Irina Gogorishvili – Doctor of Economics, Professor
David Onoprishvili – Doctor of Economics
Mari Tsereteli – Doctor of philology, Professor
Nazira Kakulia – Doctor of Economics, Professor

Photos – Avtandil Metreveli
Translation – Eka Kikvadze

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